Why I Started a Storytelling Company, MemberWhen

Kelcy Pegler | Mar 6, 2017

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The renewable energy company I co-founded was acquired, and I was winding down after having worked with the parent company for a few years. I now had time to think: about startups, about family, about balance, about making a difference.

There are three things that drove me to start the audio storytelling company, MemberWhen:

1. My 4-year-old son motivated me to find a way to do something really cool.
2. A newborn daughter compelled me to find a way to do something really good.
3. The sudden loss of my cousin made me want to do something lasting.

The Cool

Audio. Spoken-word. The voices of a story. As a kid, I stashed a hand-held radio under my pillow just so I could listen. Back then it was sports radio, listening to the New York Knicks and Yankees and anything the radio was playing. I can remember listening to my father tell stories and recall his childhood. As an adult, I devour podcasts and audio books. Producing stories in audio; now that would be a very cool service to provide.

The Good

Connecting people; preserving memories, securing a family legacy long after those voices have passed. Because those voices are what we really cherish, and what we really miss. Helping people celebrate the times and the people that matter to them – that would be creating something very good.

The Lasting

Don’t you have a loved one you wish you could hear right now? I do – it’s my cousin Oliver. If I could tap my mobile device and hear audio of him telling one of his favorite stories, in his unique and unmistakable voice, even while I was jogging or driving, that would be invaluable, that would be lasting.


If a company like this existed, I would have been a customer. It didn’t and that is why MemberWhen was started. My wife Kim and I were our first customers and continue to cherish our ongoing audio story we are creating with our family. I know that everyone has a great story and it is amazing to give these stories life, forever.

What’s your story? visit us at MEMBERWHEN.COM


3 responses to “Why I Started a Storytelling Company, MemberWhen

  1. This is awesome Kelcy. Patrick told me about this and I will be making one very soon for my daughter Ayla. I have always said even before she was born, how I want to create stories for her to hold onto as she grows. This is perfect! Congratulations Kim and Kelcy ?

  2. Kelcy this is exciting. You have a true talent in developing and articulating a vision. Wishing you and Kim nothing but the best in this new venture.

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