Remember Every Detail of Your Special Day,
Record Your Feelings & the Love You Share

From the jaw-dropping proposal to the breath-taking ‘I Do’s, a Wedding MemberWhen captures all the big and little moments surrounding your special day. At MemberWhen we go head over heals for a good love story, and if you don’t know that, you can check out our podcast, love stories are our specialty.

Once we’re introduced to the bride and groom to be, our team dives in and gets all of the interesting, quirky, and unique details on the lovely couple.

  • Through a series of fun interviews, we explore the pair’s relationship: from first dates and impressions to popping the question.

  • Our team then covers the couple’s engagement and their journey through wedding planning, all while counting down to the big day.

As the wedding arrives and the fun unfolds, we coordinate a convenient time to talk with the newlyweds to hear their voice, record their emotions and favorite moments, and capture the spirit of their special day. We fully understand how important it is to live in the moment- especially on your wedding day. That is why we offer real-time interviews to capture the wedding day as it unfolds, or post-wedding interviews to recap the event and discuss the unforgettable memories, emotions, and messages of the day.

Sample Wedding MemberWhens

Wedding 1

Wedding 2

Wedding 3

Wedding 4

Conversations with the couple and with key contributors such as parents, best friends, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and family members, help us create a MemberWhen that embraces the excitement of an engagement, the unforgettable fun of a wedding, and the magic of marriage. A Wedding MemberWhen preserves a very special time in a couple’s life and allows them to reflect on their journey together, forever.

A MemberWhen makes for not only a wonderful wedding gift but the perfect engagement gift. If you plan on purchasing a MemberWhen for a future husband and wife, we recommend getting started in the early days of their engagement. There’s nothing quite like being engaged and starting a new chapter with the love of your life. MemberWhen makes it easy to capture the special moments of an engagement and the wedding memories that couples cherish for life.

MemberWhen Pricing

Every MemberWhen Story Includes:

1 phone conversation/participant

An edited, narrated, and produced high quality audio story

Additional participants: $50.00/person

Average story length is 25 minutes

A custom web page with a personal photo, a link to the MemberWhen audio recording, participant details, and social options for sharing to personal profiles

Discount for multiple MemberWhen purchases are available

Sample Questions & Topics

Topics to discuss
  • The birth & evolution of the relationship
  • Proposal and engagement
  • Wedding planning
  • Reflection on love & each other
  • Countdown to wedding
  • The big day! Wedding details & recap
  • What’s Next?
Sample Questions
  • How would you describe your fiance?
  • How and when did you meet your future spouse?
  • Was it love at first sight...or did it take a few dates?
  • How did the proposal unfold?
  • What does it feel like to be engaged?
  • Is there a funny story from your reception that will go down in the books?
  • As newlyweds, how would you describe marriage?
  • What element or aspect of married life are you most excited for?
  • What do you especially admire or cherish, about your new spouse?
  • What’s something about your wedding that you always want to remember?

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