It’s not always easy to document how great a love story really is, do it with an audio story

Every year of marriage that goes by is something to celebrate. Use a MemberWhen audio story to tell your loved one how you truly feel and let them keep your voice and your stories for eternity. A must have anniversary gift for for your partner, or for any happy couple in your life.

Anniversary gifts can sometimes be tricky or even cliche. MemberWhen is perfect for this occasion, a gift you can give to the loving couple that tells the most important story of their lives, the story of how they met and the journey they took that brought them to today, celebrating an anniversary.

Imagine a gift where we gather the story of how a couple met, starting their lives together, raising children, moving, new jobs, travel adventures, life milestones and so on. Now imagine the story is told in the voices of those that have been with them from the “I do’s”. They will reflect, relive and celebrate each other all over again through their own audio story and enjoy listening to those that have been with them along the way.

MemberWhen is easy! All it takes is a 15-20 minute recorded phone conversation with the anniversary couple and another voice or two to create the most unique gift you’ve ever given. The new couple, married for 10 years couple, or the married for 50 years couple will cherish their married life together in a beautiful edited, narrated and put to music audio story.

Sample Anniversary MemberWhens

Listen to their stories, imagine what yours can be.

Anniversary MemberWhen Pricing


Each Anniversary Story Includes:
  • 2 participants
  • 1 phone conversation/participant
  • A custom web page with:
    • a link to the MemberWhen audio recording
    • participant details
    • social options for sharing to personal profiles

Additional Details:
  • Each MemberWhen is edited, narrated, and produced to deliver a personal, high quality audio story
  • Additional participants: $50.00/person
  • Average story length is 25 minute

Sample Questions & Topics

Topics to Discuss
  • First encounter
  • The early days
  • The evolution of the relationship
  • Wedding memories
  • Children & parenthood
  • Reflection on love & each other
  • Life today
  • What’s Next?
Sample Questions
  • How would you describe your spouse?
  • Was it love at first sight?
  • Do your remember your first date? Share the details...
  • When and where did you get married?
  • What was your wedding day like?
  • When you think back on your wedding, what stories come to mind?
  • Do you remember what it was like to be newlyweds?
  • When did you start to build your family?
  • How did children change your relationship? What about grandchildren?
  • Where is your happiest place to be together?
  • Is there an aspect of married life that you cherish more than anything?
  • What’s something about your spouse that you always want to remember?

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