Here's How It Works

Participants chat for about 20 minutes individually with our Storyographers over the phone

Our Creative Team takes your conversations, edits, narrates, and produces your
custom audio story

We deliver your customized audio story with all details on an easy, shareable web

Initial Conversation

Our storyographers are great communicators with an enthusiasm for interviewing and an intuition for storytelling. They are experienced, naturally curious, and skilled at making our customers feel comfortable and confident during their conversation. These conversations typically last about 20 minutes, sometimes longer if the content is strong. We always recommend calls using Skype for best quality but are open to other call types.

Audio Editing

Our audio editors are fantastic listeners and know how to sort through hours of conversation audio and multiple voices. They carefully pick out and sequence the best parts of the conversation content and draft scripts to connect it all seamlessly.


Our narrators are amazing storytellers who can handle comedy, tragedy, and any sentiment that's appropriate for your story. They are the voice of MemberWhen and the perfect guide for your audio story. Our narrators reflect the company’s respect for our customers’ priceless stories.

Final Production

Our producers are audio story aficionados who love all forms of audio storytelling. They put the final touch on content, tone, and style, which stitch together the work of our entire creative team. They carefully add music, and then deliver the finished product to a hopefully very happy customer.

"I entrusted MemberWhen for a very important gift for a very important person and they handled it exactly the way I would have hoped, they actually handled it better. There were 17-18 people they talked to and edited and did everything they do well. The outcome was fantastic and I couldn't be happier."