At MemberWhen we believe everyone's story is remarkable. What's your story?

At MemberWhen, we believe that everyone's life is remarkable, and that audio stories -- podcasts -- are the best, most compelling medium to capture the moments that matter. We created MemberWhen to provide a way for anyone and everyone to preserve the stories of their lives -- through the authentic voices of those most important to them -- in a professional, customized audio story they could enjoy and share forever. MemberWhen asks, “What's your story?”

How We Work


Our storyographers are great communicators with an enthusiasm for interviewing and an intuition for storytelling. They are emotionally intelligent, naturally curious, and skilled at fostering a comfort level that draws color and character from customers. Precious audio experience -- and and ability to smile through the telephone -- is a plus.

Audio Editor

Our audio editors are super-human listeners who know how to sort multiple recordings and multiple voices, pick out and sequence the best content, and draft scripts to connect it all seamlessly. Just don’t try to ask them a question while their headphones are on.


Our narrators are fantastic storytellers who can handle comedy, tragedy, farce and fancy with equal aplomb (they talk good). They are the voice of MemberWhen, reflecting the company’s respect for our customers’ priceless stories.


Our producers are podcast aficionados who love all forms of audio storytelling. They are the final arbiters of content, tone, and style, who stitch together the work of the journalist, editor, and narrator, carefully add music, and deliver the finished product. We think they are more like wizards.