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MemberWhen Team | Mar 16, 2017

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Last week we introduced 10-Minute Love Story a new podcast series exploring love in its real-world form – funny, awkward, and imperfect. We feature real couples sharing the stories of how they met and what their life together is like.

Why a podcast?

When we started MemberWhen, we presented a totally new concept: personalized podcasts.  In creating custom audio episodes, we opened podcasts to anyone with a story to tell, a voice to share, or a memory to capture.  Since then, the MemberWhen team has heard so many incredible stories about love and relationships that we thought: Why not start a traditional podcast to share some of those stories with the world?

How we did it

We called on friends, family members, and colleagues to be our first guests. We then asked two MemberWhen employees, Liz and Andy, to give hosting a try, and put ourselves to work. We’re truly proud of the results and we’re excited to share this new project with you. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy producing these wonderful episodes. Want to be on our show? Contact us

We also love feedback. Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion on this post or on individual episodes telling us what you like or want more of.

Check out the first few episodes and subscribe to get new episodes as they’re released: podcast


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