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Kelcy Pegler | Mar 29, 2017

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When I started this business, I knew generally what I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to help capture the moments and people that matter in their voices so it can be enjoyed today and cherished forever through the powerful medium of audio. I wanted to do this while building a culture of empowerment, happiness and authentic enthusiasm within our company.

Since I was a young boy, I had a real appreciation for audio, but not in the typical music manner. I enjoyed talk radio. I could listen to anything. It didn’t matter the topic. I usually landed on sports talk.

As I grew up, this audio infatuation kept growing. Podcasts, audiobooks and Ted talks have helped it become easy to be a spoken-word audio lover.

At MemberWhen we’re doing something unique. We create custom, private, podcast-style audio in the voices of people we love with the help of the voices who love them. The finished product includes your voices, narration, and custom music in a professionally produced episode.

It’s been awesome so far — you have given us fantastic feedback, better than we could have hoped. 

Launching an audio legacy company is a significant leap from my recent days in solar energy. At times it can be daunting starting a new chapter or in my case a completely new book.

I’ve convinced myself that when you’re trying to do something big and audacious, the best course of action is:

  1. Make sure you know what is important
  2. Just start doing it…

What is important?

To help solidify what was important, we created this list to help everyone in the company understand and relate to what was important. This list is hung prominently in the office and is referenced often.

Important Things

  1. Treat everyone fairly. Your co-workers & your customers alike.
  2. Logic rules.  The most simplistic solutions are almost always the best.
  3. Be proud of your work, be remarkable.
  4. If you don’t love what you do, find something else to do.  With the growth and opportunity in front of us at MemberWhen – there is no reason to settle.
  5. Acronyms are unnecessary.
  6. Judgment is the most important and value creating trait we possess as a company and individuals.  Use good Judgement.
  7. Don’t let automation and technology create stagnation and impede progress.  Technology is great but often follows manual execution.
  8. Parkinson’s Law: work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.  This is true and will define the success of our company.
  9. Not everything needs a policy.  Count happy customers, not vacation days and hours worked.
  10. This company is your company.  Together we will have the opportunity to make generations of people happy connecting them to those that they love, wish they knew, or want to remember.


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