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When I first started working at MemberWhen, I wondered if we had the right approach. We work in audio while life is overflowing with photos and videos. And most of what we make is about 30-minutes long while the average attention span is 8.25 seconds. I couldn't help but think, "Why this way? Why don't we use photos and videos? Why are they so long? Is this the best way to connect with people?" But now I've been an editor at MemberWhen for a year and a half and I've helped people capture hundreds of memories that mean the world to them. And I wouldn't change a thing. (more…)
So you purchased your first MemberWhen and are ready to get the process started. It’s time for the first step, which is to schedule a time to chat with your storyographer. But wait -- what exactly is a storyographer? This short post will give you a background on what a storyographer is and what you need to know about this conversation. (more…)
  Mother's Day is a special time of the year at MemberWhen.  But we must admit, moms are on our minds long after the holiday has passed.  From interviews with clients to water cooler chats about our own, moms remain a popular topic at MemberWhen.  We nurture conversations and reflections of moms in an effort to capture those priceless memories of her, the ones that tell the story of her life and let her leave a legacy for years to come.  The audio stories we produce reflect various people and chapters of life, and we would be fooling ourselves if we said our favorites didn't include mom.
You just wrapped up a conversation with your MemberWhen Storyographer. You put your phone down and suddenly think, "I didn't say anything useful. I sounded terrible. My gift for my mom is ruined!" Fear not! You did great and I'm going to tell you why. (more…)
One of the questions we get asked the most is, "What is Skype and why do I need it?". We conduct conversations with people in 1 of 3 ways; Cell phone, home/office phone (landline) or Skype. Each method has pros and cons. Here is a short comparison of the various methods for having a conversation with our Storyographer. and provide clips of each method so you can hear the differences and decide which works best for you. (more…)