The Benefits of Audio Content for Business

Lindsay Defeo | Jun 21, 2017

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Last week I introduced all of you to our newest products, MemberWhen Business Solutions. This week I’m going to get into the benefits of using audio content for your business, and how our customers have already been taking advantage of the increased engagement. 

Increased Engagement

Every company is always wondering “how can we increase engagement?” Content is usually the answer and can come in many different forms such as photos, videos, infographics, etc. An often forgotten form is audio which has proven to have some of the highest engagement rates and is a great way to deliver information to a user.


By adding audio content to a website, it adds personality and character to a company. Something that consumers look for when making a buying decision. By hearing directly from a founder,  CEO, or the leadership team, or the creator of a product, it allows users to be engaged, and connect with them on a personal level.


There is something very honest and authentic about audio. We capture voices through casual conversations that are directed by questions and topics from our storyographers. It’s not scripted, rehearsed, or overly practiced. It’s real. Videos are often driven by the visual element, what people look like, what is being displayed, and audio (the heart of the content) tends to take a back seat. Users get distracted by what they’re looking at and don’t focus on the purpose of what they’re watching. Audio delivers content in a no fuss, authentic way that allows users to easily comprehend.  


This benefit is geared more towards the IT or web developers of a company, and I’m confident they’ll appreciate it. Audio is saved as an MP3 file which is very easily uploaded to most website content management systems such as WordPress. There are also advanced tracking options to see things like how long users listened for, when they paused, etc. Our tech team at MemberWhen can help with all of this when the time comes.

Cost Effective

One of the most important elements of content does tend to come down to cost. Businesses and more specifically marketing teams are often given a tight budget and struggle to do the best they can to get the most engaging content possible. MemberWhen has created a streamlined process that allows us to have competitive prices that won’t break the bank. We often find that our audio content rates are less than a ¼ of the budget needed for video – a major benefit for companies.

For a full breakdown of what we offer, visit our business solutions page of our website. All solutions so far have been tested and are showing higher engagement rates than written and traditional content.

If you’re interested in our Business Solutions for your company, email me to learn more –


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