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  Mother's Day is a special time of the year at MemberWhen.  But we must admit, moms are on our minds long after the holiday has passed.  From interviews with clients to water cooler chats about our own, moms remain a popular topic at MemberWhen.  We nurture conversations and reflections of moms in an effort to capture those priceless memories of her, the ones that tell the story of her life and let her leave a legacy for years to come.  The audio stories we produce reflect various people and chapters of life, and we would be fooling ourselves if we said our favorites didn't include mom.
When you're a start-up, explaining who you are and what you do can be a challenge. That task becomes even harder when you’re a company with a brand new concept and product. So, it’s understandable that we have a bit of a tough time articulating exactly what our core product, our audio stories, our personal podcasts are. Finding the right words to describe a MemberWhen was easy, but defining it was a different story. We knew our invention contained elements of podcasts, documentaries, and personal diaries- but no single phrase seemed to capture the unique form of storytelling we had created. Plus, how do you name something that’s never existed before? Well, after many long chats and brainstorming sessions, we finally found the right title for our creation: personal podcast. An audio story that has many different categories and options to present your personal story or message, in the form of a podcast. (more…)