Hear Our Story

The phenomenal success of the podcast Serial impressed our founder Kelcy Pegler so much that he became fixated on the opportunities that podcast storytelling could offer to anyone and everyone.

Kelcy went to his father and business partner, Kelcy Sr. Wouldn’t it be fascinating, they thought, if they could create a personal podcast company that could capture anyone’s life, in all its beautiful, messy, mundane and glorious detail? And wouldn’t this product be a priceless gift to connect families, friends and generations? The answers were yes, and yes. What’s more, they realized that the power of audio -- voices that can describe the details of life’s important moments before they are forgotten -- is undeniable.

And so, MemberWhen was born in the fall of 2015, with a small office and a small staff of creative and inspired people who share Kelcy and Kelcy’s passion for audio storytelling, and their conviction that personal podcasts would be hugely successful.

Our first clients were Kelcy and his wife Kim. And now, with many more customers who unanimously love their MemberWhen experiences and products, we are moving onward and upward. What’s your story?